CELEBRATING GLORIOUS 20 YEAR! “Enhancing Supply Chain with Automation”

Gate Management System

To help organizations automate their processes and increase efficiencies in their day to day operationsr Hans builds and implements state of the art solutions. Hans“ Gate Management is a powerful gate security management system that includes entry and exit of transport as well as people. The system, once installed. automates all processes linked to entry and exit of any outside entity within your premises. hence increasing the level of security manifolds. Further more. The system is itself secured against unauthorized access via usage of hardware security dongle, which is con?gurable as per the needs of the organization.


Key Features
  • Single system to manage vehicle, personnel and visitor access
  • Configure to grant access based on time period e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.
  • Allows for permanent and temporary access that is based on area/ zones
  • Manage visitors within premises by issuing photo based identity with access cards
  • High level security including provision to blacklist or/and restrict access for future
  • Generate management reports
  • Build operational efficiency by automation of entry and exit process
  • Low reliance on manpower thereby saving cost of operation
  • Professional working environment leading to higher satisfaction among employees, visitors and customers
  • Higher level of security
  • Record keeping and management report for better insights and follow through

Value Added Features

  • E-Document Vault: To store scanned documents of user for future use
  • Issue vehicle sticker with driver details along with pass
  • RFID interface
  • Web based centralised controlled application and Database
  • Provision for advance request for entry pass through web
  • Documents authentication on arrival against advance request
  • Bio-metric authentication

Hans Infomatic Delivering benefits by building efficient and effective operations

  • Simplified processes and increased work flow efficiency
  • Company-wide visibility at all times
  • Better customer communication
  • Removes duplicate work and increases productivity
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Compliant with regulatory bodies

Hans Infomatic is promoted by software professionals with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. By developing domain enriched, emphatic and cost effective technology solutions we have carved a niche for ourselves. We are amongst the leaders in providing technology solutions to the Logistics and Supply chain industry. Hans is a CMMI Level 3 company. We are based out of Noida, in the National Capital territory of Delhi, India.

Key Application Modules

Operation Manager
    • Access control: Issue passes; temporary, daily, permanent etc.
    • Cancel passes
    • Blacklist/ restrict list
Configuration Manager
    • Create branches for same company
    • Define different office access areas. Can be color coded for different branches
    • Organization control: manage external and internal organizations
User Management
    • Create, modify and cancel user
    • Set working permissions
    • Set access rights and control
Application Management
    • Data base back up on specific drives
    • Application instruction for operators
    • Self working log to view operations
Vehicle Management
    • Cargo vehicle entry access; with Truck Dock Gate automation (TDG)
    • Planned arrival of cargo vehicles based on advance booking
    • Automated recording of entry and exit based on pre verified vehicles and RFID tags
    • Pre verification and record maintenance of Driver/ helper